Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save the pumpkins!!!

As you can tell from these photos, Jackson was more than taken by the pumpkins. He absolutely loved walking out the door every morning to take Madie to school and seeing them there. He loved coming home and seeing then there. He always alked about the pumpkins. He is still talking about the pumpkins and that was three weeks ago.  Although now he tells me the pumpkins are in the trash and he gets a sad look on his face. Well, he loved the pumpkins but he did not like the fact that we took a knife to his precious pumpkin in fact the following picture was what went on when he saw that Mommy had carved his little pumpkin. Absolute horror. He yelled, "No cut pumkin, no cut" for like 10 minutes afterwards. My little peacekeeper. He loves little animals and things and I guess this was right up there with them in his book.

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