Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patience....or a lack thereof!

I must apologize. I have been a very bad blogger. To say I am consistent with anything is a stretch. I will admit that is a weakness of mine. I tend to overextend myself and then things just start falling by the wayside. I will try to do better about posting. Especially pictures and stuff for friends and family that are reading this and wondering where I am and where the pics are.
Patience is another one of my weaknesses. I will admit I do not have much. This is something I am continually struggling with and trying to remedy, with God's help. But one thing I do not want to be patient for is our orders. I mean, seriously, Ben graduates in 9 weeks and we still have no idea where we will be going. It could be anywhere. Any one of fifty states or dozen or so countries. Just give me a little hint. I have to know. I need to know. I need to know now. The suspense is killing me. I am just so excited and nervous all at the same time. I mean I know this is part of the military life being moved place to place but this time there will be a little bit more stability in the sense that we "should" be there for around four years. It's just nice to think that after the past two years and moving three times that we will be able to settle in somewhere and call it home. I am so ready to do so many things and you know a girl's gotta plan for these things. I want to find a good church family, I want to start a garden, I want to paint the kids rooms, I want to organize all of my crafty things so everything has a place, I want to order curtains! (I know that might sound crazy but when your constantly moving there is no point because you know the next house isn't going to have the same windows) I know that these things might be so mundane and things you don't even think twice about, I am just so ready to get started I don't want to wait anymore. But alas, I don't think we will be finding out for a few more weeks. So say a prayer for us and hope that we will be seeing our orders soon and know where we will be calling home, at least for the next four years.