Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of school!

Madie started pre-k again this year on Monday. She loves it. She is going everyday and has been nice, but I already miss her at the house. It has been so quiet with only Jackson and Hayden here. I cant believe how quiet. I'm already getting sad for next year when she will finally start Kindergarten, she missed it by a couple of weeks this year. 

Young Love...

Well, it seems my daughter is already in the grips of young love and it is what... only the fourth day of school. I picked her up from school today, pre-k mind you-she missed Kindergarten by a few days, and she said someone hit her today at school. I asked if it was Brendan and she said no. I then asked about the other little boy in her class, Wyatt. She seemed suprised that I knew his name and then instead of being upset that she had been hit, she got all giddy. She talked about him all the way home and asked if she could draw him a picture. I thought ok, sure, why not. That's great that she wants to draw a picture for the person that hit her instead of being mad at him. Well, fast forward to tonight. She asks for some paper and starts to draw. Then she asks how to spell his name. So I spell it for her. Then she asks how to spell "I LOVE YOU". Ben and I both turn to look at her. Ben chimes in real quick, "Why don't you say hi instead!" (I was laughing inside) I turn to look and tell her to draw a heart instead and see that she's already got that part covered.  Oh my little princess. She's gonna be a handful. Already got that heart out on a string, ready to give it to anyone who will take it, just like her momma. I don't know how many times I cried my eyes out because I was heartbroken, bless my mom for trying to comfort me. Ben and I are in for trouble with this one. She's already on her second picture of the night for Wyatt, and this one has a "i "heart" u on it.